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At Hest Bank and Kirkby Lonsdale clinics we have comfortable waiting rooms with toys for children. When you visit the Osteopathic Centre we will take a full history and ask questions about the onset, progression and nature of your problem. You may be asked to perform a series of simple movements to assess mobility.

At the Osteopathic Centre you will be assessed using basic orthopaedic and neurological testing. This will tell us whether osteopathy is likely to improve your condition. If we feel that osteopathic treatment is not appropriate for you we will tell you, as not all conditions can be improved and advise you an alternative approach. This may involve a referral back to your GP.

We will discuss your treatment plan and diagnosis with you. Treatment will always be tailored to your individual requirements taking into account your physical and emotional condition.

We can tailor treatments to your needs or preferences and can stop treatments at any point.

Treatment can occasionally be uncomfortable - but should not be painful.

The Hest Bank clinic has disabled access and easy parking.

We stock neck care pillows, hot and cold packs, wheat bags and a range of back supports.

We welcome your comments by telephone or email

Some insurance companies are covered, e.g. BUPA, Simply Health, Aviva, Benenden and WPA, but we advise you to check in advance of treatment. 

We always welcome feedback as it enables us to improve the service we provide


“ I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me during the past year. In addition to the treatment, I have felt wonderfully supported by you and this has made a great deal of difference to my life.
Thank you again”

“ Thank you so much for all of your help treating Dexter with his reflux and anxiety problems following his traumatic birth. He is now much more settled and content, which is great for mum and dad to see.”
Hazel Wilson

“ Mary, the last treatment you did was astonishing.  I arrived in a lot of pain and left with none. As you can imagine, it was a huge relief. What is more, by giving me a clear diagnosis, you enabled me to come to terms with the injury and understand what I had to do to help it to heal. That has made a big difference too.”
John Hamwee   

“ Many thanks for your tender, efficient and professional care. Strain and stiffness gone, life is restored to normal plus.”
Brian Pithers

“As a retired nurse in my mid seventies I was not prepared to accept the low back pain I had been experiencing. The treatment I have received has been professional and friendly in every aspect. My husband now attends with me every three weeks for our “M.O.T.” and Rebecca helps us keep mobile and pain free.”
Frances and John Dodd

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Hest Bank and Lunesdale Hall

New Patient £45
Follow Up Appointment £37
One Hour Appointments £55

New Patient £37
Follow Up Appointment £27

We accept payment by cash, cheque and credit/debit card.

images of people receiving osteopathic treatments

images of people receiving osteopathic treatments

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